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SSD Intimidator

The Intimidator was once in the Black Sword Fleet after the Battle of Endor. This ship underwent extensive design modifications which are distinctive of "late-production" SSD's, particularly an "additional shield tower located on the centerline". The Intimidator became the Yevethan Pirate flagship, renamed Pride of Yevetha. Imperial counter-mutineers boarded and retook the Intimidator and escaped to the Deep Core. Found damaged and drifting near Unknown Regions four years later by two Jedi Knights sent by Luke Skywalker and the New Republic to retrieve a lost Jedi Holocron that was on board. The Intimidator was repaired and joined the New Republic fleet and is home to the Intimidator Jedi Knights


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Dedicated To GEORGE LUCAS, We Thank You For Star Wars!!!!. And For Letting Us Play In Your Sandbox. And Also For Creating A Universe Our Minds Can Escape To And Characters/Ideas Our Spirits Can Embrace.

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